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So with my first border crossing under my belt, we began our lonngggg bus journey across the north of Argentina. We were headed for the province of Jujuy, where Juan has a friend we were hoping to track down. Thankfully these buses were pretty comfortable, although they love to blast the air conditioning throughout the night- blankets are a must! Being dressed in shorts for the 35 degree daytime heat, is not suitable for the 4am everybody-leave-the-bus-police-check. To my surprise also, we had several films to watch, and let me tell you, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dubbed in Spanish is a must see!

So we eventually arrived in the very beautiful town of Purmamarca, home to El Cerro de los Siete Colores, the hill of seven colours. This is where Juan's friend Pato worked, but when we arrived Pato was away for a couple of days so we stayed our first 2 nights in a campsite. I should say that Purma is around 3600m, so the nights here were incredibly cold!! There was an incredible group of travellers staying here, and we had 2 amazing nights of music jams, it seems everyone can play the guitar, and I learned that Juan is incredible at improvising reggae/rap. I felt pretty uncool here!

Once Pato returned to Purma, we spent a couple of days with him, and exploring the area. There is a beautiful walk around the coloured mountains, and I really can't describe just how amazing the colours are. It took me a good few days to convince my head that the massive green mountain wasn't actually covered in grass. But green rock?? And blue, and purple, and yellow, and red... As well as the incredible colours, the mountains are dotted all over with huge cactuses (cacti?!), some of which were several metres tall.

After just a few days here we realised there was some kind of charm to Purma, that made the idea of leaving a very hard concept to grasp. Many people we met had been there for a lot longer than originally planned, and it wasn't hard to see why. It's an incredibly peaceful, powerful and beautiful place and we were struggling to resist.... This was helped along by meeting two guys who were working on a project in town, which gave us an idea to stay for just a little longer...

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Arrival in Asuncion

(noticing the alliteration theme of the blog titles?!)

sunny 35 °C
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So after being waved off at the airport by my beloveds, amidst several renditions of Happy Birthday (didn´t result in an upgrade sadly) and plenty of last minute nerves, I made it to Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Paraguay actually only opened it´s borders to foreign visitors a few years ago, so very receives very few tourists, hence the surprise everyone reacted with when I informed them where I was flying to...

Thankfully I met my travel buddy, Juan, with no problems...maybe just a little mix up. I was instructed to take a taxi from the airport to a particular hotel where he would meet me. Easy peasy! I reached said hotel (ooooh, posh) and the porter (ooooh, very posh!) kindly took my bag inside while I paid the taxi/greeted Juan. Slight embarrassment followed as Juan informed me that we were in fact staying at another hotel, within our price bracket, around the corner, and I had to retrieve my bags from the posh hotel lobby...woops!

But who is Juan?! Well hopefully as I fill in the 6 week blank in the next couple of days, you will get to know him a bit better, but I will introduce him for now! I met Juan last summer in Madrid, we were staying at the same hostel and went on a very sophisticated bar crawl together. In between drinking copious amounts of free sangria and salsa dancing, we realised we got on very well, and have kept in touch since. Juan has been travelling in South America since October, and so I thought I´d sneak along to join him for a little while. Et voila! (Or whatever the Spanish equivalent is)!

So we spent a few days in Asuncion, catching up, and doing a bit of exploring of the city. Also, the all important task of getting the tent repaired was a high priority!

Sadly, I don´t really have much to say about Asuncion I´m afraid, as I didn´t find it particularly exciting. I´m not a city kinda gal as you know. We tried to find somewhere to work or volunteer elsewhere in the country but had no luck, other than being offered several months work on a finca, which we politely declined. So we made the rather hasty decision to head for the frontera and cross into the north of Argentina.

Paraguay, voy a volver! Hasta luego!!

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Blog Beginnings

Frantically trying to catch up!

Perhaps rather unsurprisingly, this is somewhat of a late start to my blog! Family, friends and faithful fans (Iknow you´re out there, no need to be shy!) I apologise for my tardiness. I can only offer my excuses in terms of no internet, no electricity in most places, no time, and generally no inclination to sitting at a computer!

  • side note: just got distracted mid-typing by a very cute pupper wearing a bad-ass camouflage coat. Cuddles were needed (probably by me more than said pup).

So, I am now here in La Paz, after six weeks of rather hectic travel, and I´m going to attempt to fill you in on where I´ve been, and what I´ve been doing! Juan has literally just departed to return to Colombia (sad face) so I have lots of alone time on my hands to fill! Plenty of writing to catch up on! ( I actually started writing this during an 8 hour wait in Cochabamba bus station. As I told facebook already, my writing was interrupted by a keen stranger, desperately wanting a photo with me. Apparently my eyes are beautiful! You´ll be pleased to hear though, I only allowed the photo once he had offered me cake in return. Maybe this is how I can feed myself during my travels...)

Anyway, back to updating yáll. Blimey george! Only 6 weeks?! Here goes...

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Packing, printing, and just a little bit of panicking...

The final countdown

Travel insurance documents printed...tick!

Copies of passport...tick!

Yellow Fever certificate...tick!

Bag packed...not quite, I do still have 2 days to throw in those last minute, almost-forgotten items: razor, tweezers, 5 bags of Haribo from Bex...all the essentials.

As Mum said to me just last night, "It's okay, I think you're pretty much sorted! You've got everything you need! Apart from a plan for when you actually arrive in Paraguay..."

I mean who needs plans right?! Ha ha..hahaha...ha...

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